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Donors and Dollars Are Down – Now What? (Morgan Falor)

May 15, 2024


How can nonprofits effectively communicate financial challenges while maintaining donor support? Morgan Falor, a seasoned nonprofit strategist, dives into this question and more in episode 261 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership. From leveraging transparency to harnessing the power of donor advised funds, Morgan offers insights into fostering authentic connections with prospective donors. She challenges traditional approaches to special event fundraising, urging nonprofit leaders to adapt to changing donor demographics. Morgan emphasizes the importance of legislative awareness and optimizing digital communications for donor engagement. Hear Morgan’s holistic approach to nonprofit leadership, blending transparency, strategic planning, and adaptability to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the nonprofit sector.


"Embracing transparency, adapting to change, and prioritizing strategic planning are the cornerstones of success in the nonprofit sector."



Morgan Falor focuses on helping nonprofits create strategic approaches to both finance and development. Since joining Armanino, she has aimed to enable nonprofits to further their mission and create greater impact using data-driven approaches. She has experience in both public accounting and industry, most recently serving as executive director and VP of finance for a high-profile nonprofit organization. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting from the University of Iowa and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant.





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