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Organizational Counsel

Do you need to take your nonprofit to the next level?

Use PMA's specialized focus on organizational development. We offer a comprehensive approach that targets strategic planning, organizational assessments, board development, and fundraising counsel. Tailored for senior executives leading nonprofits, our programs align your team's efforts, sharpen your strategic vision, and foster financial sustainability. With PMA by your side, elevate your organization's capacity for greater impact in the community.

Facilitated Workshops & Retreats

At PMA, we understand the desire to bring the support “in house. By linking organizational objectives to individual needs, paired with one-on-one support from our PMA experts, our workshops and retreats produce the results your nonprofit team needs. Let us assess your specific needs, design custom materials and resources, and engage with your team in a small, targeted setting. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon workshop or a multi-day retreat, PMA is ready to support you. 

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Strategic Planning & Organizational Assessment

Strategic planning is the compass for nonprofit success. We provide tailored guidance to help you navigate with confidence. Our services empower nonprofits to define a vision, set goals, and chart a course to achieve them. Working closely with leadership, boards, and stakeholders, we offer a comprehensive, inclusive planning process. PMA's approach mixes data-driven analysis with industry best practices, assessing your organization to identify opportunities and develop actionable strategies.  

Unsure where to begin? We'll first analyze your current state, including challenges to plan recommendations for success. This assessment of operational and funding structure, materials, resources, and documents identifies key issues and priorities, especially in fund development and board engagement. With PMA, you'll gain a roadmap to informed decisions, leveraging strengths and driving impact. Our organizational assessments and strategic planning services are your pathway to meaningful change. 

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Board Development

We understand the importance of an effective board of directors in achieving nonprofit success. Our board development consulting services foster high-performing boards that lead in mission fulfillment and strategic decision-making. 

We begin by assessing your board's composition, structure, and practices, working intimately with your leadership team to tailor our approach to your unique mission and values. Our comprehensive assessment identifies gaps, opportunities, and areas for improvement, ensuring that we strengthen and optimize your board's effectiveness.  

With PMA as your partner, you'll gain the essential tools and insights to cultivate a diverse and engaged board that functions at its highest capacity. Together, we'll enhance strategic decision-making, encourage a culture of accountability, and elevate your board to a standard of excellence. Our focus is your success, and we're committed to guiding you every step of the way. 


Fundraising Counsel

Successful fundraising is the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations so that you can do more for your mission. Our comprehensive fundraising consulting services help you maximize your potential and meet your financial objectives. 

We tailor our approach to your organization’s specific needs. Whether you are initiating fundraising efforts or enhancing existing strategies, we collaborate with your team to assess the current landscape, uncover untapped opportunities, and create a results-driven fundraising plan.  

Leveraging our deep understanding of donor motivations and extensive experience, we offer strategic guidance across various fundraising areas including donor cultivation, major gifts, grant writing, corporate partnerships, and online engagement. We support you in crafting compelling messages, executing efficient campaigns, and using technology to boost donor engagement.  

With PMA by your side, you gain access to proven techniques, inventive solutions, and individualized support. Together, we'll harness the power of philanthropy, empowering your organization to make a significant and enduring impact on your community. 

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