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Building Capacity as a Nonprofit Leader (Witnie Martinez)

March 14, 2024


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Are you ready to take your nonprofit organization to the next level of impact and sustainability? In episode 253 of Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership, Witnie Martinez, founder of Absolute Impact Consulting, explores the critical elements of capacity building and strategic leadership in the nonprofit sector. From defining capacity building beyond just finances and fundraising to the importance of strategic collaboration and mindset, Witnie shares invaluable insights drawn from her extensive experience working with nonprofits of all sizes. We delve into practical strategies for fostering alignment, cultivating resilience, and driving organizational success. Whether you're a seasoned nonprofit leader or just starting out on your path, this conversation offers actionable advice to help you navigate the complexities of nonprofit management.


"On the journey to nonprofit leadership, strategizing, alignment, and a growth mindset are the keys to unlocking transformative impact."



Witnie Martinez is the Founder & CEO of Absolute Impact Consulting—a social impact advisory firm that helps nonprofits maximize their impact through expert consultation and professional development opportunities led by industry experts. Witnie thrives at the intersection of education, philanthropy, and leadership. For over a decade, her career has focused on expanding & diversifying revenue streams, increasing organizational impact, building systems, and driving brand awareness for nonprofits across the country. Witnie has collectively helped organizations generate over $78M in revenue for annual budget needs and campaigns alike. Through these experiences, she saw a need to shift how philanthropic and educational resources are distributed throughout the nonprofit ecosystem. She speaks about and leads a variety of professional development opportunities focused on increasing effectiveness for organizations, teams, and individuals. Witnie was born in Haiti and is a first-generation college graduate. She holds an Ed.S. in Educational Leadership and a M.S. in Psychology—both from Nova Southeastern University; a certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University; a B.A. in Theatre and a B.S in Health Sciences both from Florida International University.