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Empowering Women in Nonprofit Leadership (Jenny Mitchell)

July 3, 2024


How can organizations better utilize coaching to support and retain their rising stars, rather than just addressing problem employees? In episode 269 of Your Path to Nonprofit LeadershipJenny Mitchell delves into the nuances of nonprofit leadership, especially for women, sharing personal experiences and actionable strategies. From the challenges of transitioning from a manager to a leader to the importance of reflection and prioritization, she offers invaluable advice on maintaining productivity without sacrificing well-being. Learn about the significance of defining high-value tasks and the impact of leadership intentions on organizational culture. Jenny also highlights the necessity of self-care and energy management, urging leaders to recalibrate their routines for sustainability. She further explores the critical role of boards in supporting leaders, discussing systemic burnout and the potential benefits of sabbaticals. 


"You are responsible for your own personal power, so embrace your unique strengths to lead effectively."



Jenny Mitchell, CFRE, DMA, CEC is the Chief Visionary Officer of Chavender, where she works closely with leaders to change the world one mission at a time. She is a dynamic speaker, executive coach, fundraising professional, and host of the Underdog Leadership podcast. She is also the author of Embracing Ambition: Empowering Women to Step Out, Be Seen, and Lead, uniting twelve exceptional women leaders from across North America with a simple goal: to share their leadership stories as a mentorship resource for the next generation of women leaders.




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