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Entrepreneurial Best Practices for Nonprofit Leadership Success (Katya Hancock)

July 10, 2024

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As a nonprofit leader, how can you amplify your nonprofit’s impact through strategic funding and a clear organizational vision? In episode 270 of Your Path to Nonprofit LeadershipKatya Hancock, Executive Director of Young Futures, shares her innovative approach to strategic design and funding, and how she’s amplified impact across various themes like digital play and youth expression. By outlining an Entrepreneurial Operating System adapted for nonprofits, Katya emphasizes the importance of setting clear, ambitious goals and fostering accountability within teams. She underscores the significance of transparency in reporting to funders, sharing practical insights on maintaining open communication even during challenging times. Katya delves into effective storytelling, advocating for narratives that are both inspiring and consumer-friendly, essential for engaging stakeholders and donors alike. 


"Building a nonprofit isn't just about today's challenges; it's about crafting a vision that inspires your future funders and team members."



Katya Hancock is a mission-driven executive, entrepreneur and public health champion with over two decades of impact leadership across healthcare, technology and philanthropic ventures. Leveraging all she has learned to help build startup ecosystems to solve health “moonshots”, she is dedicating the next chapter of her career to the urgent need of improving youth mental health in today’s rapidly evolving world. Katya is the founding Executive Director of Young Futures, a non-profit on a mission to make it easier to grow up in the digital world. Young Futures was founded to help young people and their families not just survive, but flourish as a team when meeting the uncertainties of this digital wilderness. Prior to Young Futures, Katya spent a decade as a founding team member and Chief Impact Officer of StartUp Health, an organization dedicated to achieving health moonshots: the world’s most pressing health challenges, including Mental Health, Health Equity, Access to Care, Children’s Health and Women's Health.





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