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The Mastermind Experience: Josué E. Hernandez

July 10, 2024


PMA is proud to welcome nonprofit leaders from across the country to join the Mastermind Program and build a lasting network of lifelong learners and forward-thinking philanthropic professionals. In this installment of the Mastermind Experience, Josué E. Hernandez shares about his experience in PMA's Mastermind Program (Spring 2023 Diamond Cohort), touching on his journey into the Mastermind Program, the lessons that still resonate with him today, and many other topics.

Join leaders like Josué in one of our upcoming Mastermind cohorts, which are offered every Spring, Summer, and Fall. Learn more and apply here.

About PMA Nonprofit Leadership 

As a firm, PMA Nonprofit Leadership is constantly developing content and programs to help you in three distinct ways.  The first way is to help you be a thought leader in the nonprofit sector by producing weekly content through our podcast Your Path to Nonprofit Leadership. The second way is through individual coaching, training and our unique Mastermind Nonprofit Leadership program. The third way is to help your nonprofit organization through support of its strategic planning, board & staff development, and fundraising. Through our exclusive partnership with the Institute for Philanthropic Leadership, we also  guide aspiring nonprofit leaders through the virtual Emerging Leaders in Philanthropy cohort training program, as well as the annual Leadership Gift School, now entering its 13th cohort season.  Let us know how we can help you! Join our community by signing up for our free resources here, and reaching out to us today.


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