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Patton's Picks: Essential Reads for Nonprofit Leaders

At PMA Nonprofit Leadership, we enhance our leadership development and coaching services by curating impactful books that broaden your understanding of key leadership principles. These recommended titles have profoundly influenced my approach to nonprofit leadership and I believe they will provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help you excel on your own leadership path. Explore these transformative works and start shaping your journey today!


Collecting Courage

Nneka Allen

"Collecting Courage by Nneka Allen offers poignant insights from Black fundraisers, providing a critical perspective on overcoming institutional racism within philanthropy . . ."


Atomic Habits

James Clear

"This influential book unpacks the power of small habit changes that lead to remarkable results. Ideal for nonprofit leaders, it offers tools for creating effective personal habits that enhance organizational performance. Here’s why Atomic Habits is crucial . . ."



Susan Cain

"This groundbreaking book is a must-read for leaders and aspiring leaders in the nonprofit sector, particularly those who identify as introverts or work closely with them. Cain's profound insights into the strengths and contributions of introverted individuals challenge the conventional wisdom that leadership should always be loud and assertive. Here’s why Quiet is indispensable for nonprofit leadership..."


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Carol S. Dweck

"This seminal book is the cornerstone of our approach to cultivating leadership in the philanthropic sector and is also the first book we send in our welcome package to members of our Mastermind Leadership Program. Adopting a growth mindset is critical to..."


Getting Things Done

David Allen

This book was a game changer for me, and a vital tool for nonprofit leaders seeking to enhance their organizational skills and achieve peak productivity without the stress that our "hustle culture" often suggests. It complements the objectives of our Mastermind Leadership Program by providing  . . . 


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Amy Cuddy

This book is a treasure trove for nonprofit leaders aiming to confront their greatest challenges with confidence and authenticity. In harmony with the ethos of our Mastermind Leadership Program, Cuddy’s insights offer transformative strategies for embodying presence - unlocking the full spectrum of . . . 


Slow Productivity

Cal Newport

This book offers a lifeline to nonprofit leaders who are striving to do meaningful work without succumbing to burnout. Newport’s three-part framework guides readers toward a more fulfilling and impactful approach to productivity. Here’s why each component of this framework is crucial . . . 



Reinventing You

Dorie Clark

This insightful book is a beacon for emerging and mid-career nonprofit professionals who are at a crossroads, looking to refine their personal brand or pivot their career path within the vibrant nonprofit sector. Clark's guide is an essential resource for anyone aiming to leverage . . .


Never Eat Alone

Keith Ferrazzi

This insightful book is a guide to the transformative power of relationships, making it an invaluable resource for nonprofit leaders who thrive on collaboration and networking. Ferrazzi’s approach to building lasting, mutually beneficial connections offers practical strategies that can help . . . 




Angela Duckworth

This influential book delves into the virtues of extraordinary effort, providing a compelling narrative that success is not just born from talent but from a blend of passion and persistence. Duckworth’s insights are particularly valuable for nonprofit leaders who often face long odds and challenging landscapes. Here’s why Grit is essential reading  . . . 


Deep Work

Cal Newport

This influential book is a critical resource for anyone looking to sharpen their focus and maximize their impact in the philanthropic sector. It aligns with our commitment in the Mastermind Leadership Program to equip nonprofit leaders with the skills necessary to navigate the complexities of their roles effectively. Why is Deep Work essential reading for   . . .