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Unlocking Leadership Excellence with Patton McDowell at the 2024 NADO Summer Board Meeting

May 8, 2024

PMA Nonprofit Leadership’s Patton McDowell will be presenting at the upcoming National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) conferences.  With NADO as its cornerstone, this conference represents a crucible of ingenuity and partnership in the spheres of economic development and nonprofit stewardship. Bringing together thought leaders, industry experts, and passionate change-makers, this conference serves as a melting pot of ideas and strategies aimed at fostering sustainable growth and community prosperity. 

As a renowned expert in nonprofit management, Patton brings invaluable insights to two key speaking topics: the Executive Director's Institute and Strategic Planning for Economic Development Organizations.

Executive Director’s Institute:

In this immersive workshop, Executive Directors will delve into crucial discussions aimed at enhancing leadership prowess and organizational effectiveness. From navigating intricate human resource challenges to crafting personal strategic plans, participants will glean practical strategies and peer-led examples to elevate their leadership acumen.

Strategic Planning for Economic Development Organizations:

Empowering leaders with actionable strategies, Patton's presentation unveils the 5 Keys Framework tailored for economic development. From honing organizational vision to maximizing revenue cycles, each segment offers targeted insights and practical ideas to propel organizations towards excellence.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain invaluable insights and strategies from Patton McDowell at NADO Board Meeting, June 5-6, 2024, Santa Fe, NM.


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